Experiment. Create. Explore Space.

KerbalEdu is an official school-ready standalone* remix of the award winning game Kerbal Space Program. The game is available for everyone to purchase and has been enhanced with features that help integrate it into the classroom*. Players assist the lovable-but-hapless Kerbals as they build rockets and carry out orbital missions. Students master real-world physics and engineering skills as their understanding of STEM concepts blast off!

*No previous purchase of Kerbal Space Program required. *Game is also available at a discounted price for educational institutions. Available for   PC  Mac  Linux

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Problem Solving. Innovation.

Built on top of the hit indie game Kerbal Space Program developed by Squad, KerbalEdu unleashes student creativity with an iterative design approach to learning from mistakes. A perfect fit for physics and math curriculums in higher levels. Can also be used for any age group to demonstrate physics concepts and motivate students to engineer creative solutions through experimentation.

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Developed for Classrooms.

Both KerbalEdu and Kerbal Space Program are in active development and receive regular updates. Designed by teachers for teachers, KerbalEdu includes additional tools for educators to create custom mission scenarios, and key visual features intended to facilitate student understanding of the forces involved in orbital physics.

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KerbalEdu in Media.

We are always excited to hear what people have to say about KerbalEdu! We also have a media kit available for KerbalEdu here.

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Latest from our Blog

Earth History Campaign Mission V + updates!

Thu, 05 Nov 2015 12:59:00 +0000

Hey fellow kerbonauts! It's high time we released another Earth History Campaign Mission. If you have no idea what EHC is, I suggest you read our previous blogpost.
EHC Mission VHere are the blueprints,
are you up to the task?This time, Kerbals are more ambitious than ever and set their sights on orbit. Following the blueprints of R-7, one of the most popular rockets in the history of spaceflight, they make their way out of the atmosphere. There's a whole teaching guide to go with it, too. Check them out on the EHC-website!

We also want to thank some of our community members for the invaluable feedback on the missions.(cheers, BalrogGamer!)

We know: it's been a while since the last update. We had some changes in KerbalEdu-team and one of the newest TeacherG