Force & Energy

Force arrows show the forces affecting your spacecraft. You can use force arrows by attaching “force arrows” - part to your spacecraft. Then all the forces that affect your spacecraft will be showed as holographic arrows.

Energy spheres is a part that when attached to a vessel shows a window with two spheres visualizing the relation of potential and kinetic energy of the vessel.

directional arrow

Design helper & Resource flow analysis

Design helper is shown when you’re assembling a rocket. It has two tabs, Design data and Data select. Data select lets you choose specific information like the mass, thrust or delta-v of your vessel and display it in the Design data tab. There’s tons of information available, the skill is to distinguish what data is useful.

Data shown in Design data can also be pre-selected in the Mission Editor and Data select tab hidden, so that students only see the data relevant to the current mission/lesson.

Resource flow analysis can be enabled from the button at the bottom of the Design Helper. It shows which parts use/produce what resource (like Oxidizer or Liquid fuel) and from/to which part.

directional arrow

Flight recorder & Function tool

Flight recorder records various physical data about the flight. This data is shown in-game as graphs, and can be exported to .csv (comma separated values) format, which can be opened in almost any spreadsheet software (for example excel) for further review. A .png screenshot of the in-game graphs and a .pdf flight report can also be exported.

You can use the flight recorder as part of your KerbalEdu lesson reporting. It can be used to explain the various stages and events that occurred during the flight.

Function tool is a graphical interface for creating mathematical functions. These functions are evaluated real-time during a flight, and their results are recorded in the flight recorder. It can be used to demonstrate various physical laws and equations.