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Classic Orbits Challenge

Ages 14-18+
Published by adwoods  •  Posted 1538 days ago
Take Control of 7 different rockets currently in a low Kerbal orbit. Your challenge is to correctly pilot each of them into a specific orbit. Good Luck, Pilot!
Astronomy - Orbital Mechanics
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Mission Details and Requirements
Created by: Andrew Woods
Mission version: 1.6
Supported KerbalEdu Versions: 0.90.0e532, 1.0.4e730
Mission Type: Experiment, Puzzle


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Classical Orbits Challenge 1.6.sfs


Find the seven orbiters that are currently in the same Low Kerbal Orbit.  Each Orbiter needs to have its orbit changed to create one of the six classic Orbit types.



Great mission idea! However it seems that for some reason I don't get more information about the orbit I'm supposed to make after I click on Fly for a craft, even though it says I should.

we are unsure what the orbits are. please update

Great idea but you don't actually get any instructions when you get into any of the cockpits.

I'm working on getting the information windows to pop up when you switch to each orbiter. With version 1.5 most are working and some are buggy.

With version 1.6 each orbiter now has a message with info. (not Great info, I want to include altitude information along with the keplerian info). I also raised the orbiters slightly. They were right on the edge of atmosphere and it was hard to switch between orbiters