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EHC Mission 5 part 2

All Ages
Published by TeacherGaming LLC  •  Posted 1319 days ago
In this mission, students build the R-7 rocket based on blueprints and fly it out of the atmosphere to return the Sputnik-satellite where it came from.
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Mission Details and Requirements
Created by: TeacherGaming LLC
Mission version: 1.882
Supported KerbalEdu Versions: 1.4.5.e882
Mission Type: Earth History Campaign
Tags: history, staging, orbit


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Additional Material



This is the 2nd part of the mission!

One of the rudimentary skills of space flight is orbiting. Orbiting allows satellites to function and acts as the initial stage for moon flights. In this mission, the players will blueprints to assemble an R-7 rocket to carry Sputnik I back to orbit. 

The students will learn about different directions on the navball and rudimentary ways to modify their orbits. They will also tackle a more challenging building task with the R-7. The mission will also offer the possibility to learn about potential and kinetic energy and reference frame on orbit.

This is a multi-part mission, so if you download it manually you need to first unzip it. Unzip into <your kerbaled installation folder>/DownloadedMissions/. Run the mission by loading it from "Downloaded Missions" in the game.