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Orbits Challenge

Ages 16-18
Published by Brian  •  Posted 1213 days ago
Take control of orbiters around Kerbin and change their orbits to demonstrate types of orbits and demonstrate the efficiency of deorbiting versus parking GEO satellites.
Physics - Orbit Types
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Mission Details and Requirements
Created by: Brian Dahlem, based on Classic Orbits Challenge by Andrew Woods
Mission version: 1.5
Supported KerbalEdu Versions: 1.0.4e730
Mission Type: Demonstration, Experiment, Puzzle
Tags: Orbit types, Eccentric, Polar, Deorbit, Math


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Orbits Challenge.sfs


This mission demonstrates the various types of orbits that are commonly seen.  The student takes control of each of seven vessels, boosting the vessel from low orbit to the specified orbit.

The mission begins in the Tracking Center with a map of all the vessels in orbit around Kerbin.  The student can choose any of the vessels to begin with.  Once the student elects to fly a vessel, the a message detailing the required orbit for that vessel is shown.  The student can then move the vessel into the correct orbit.  Once the correct orbit is reached, a congratulatory message is shown and the student can move to another vessel.

The student is required to understand basic orbital elements, basic orbital mechanics, compute orbital periods, and the semi-major axis required for a particular orbital period.

I suggest that the student take a screenshot as the congratulatory message is shown (F1).  This will allow them to record their process.  Screenshots will appear in the Kerbal\Screenshots folder.

If you download the .sfs file, place it in the Kerbal\saves\scenarios folder.  Students can then access the mission by clicking Start New Game... Scenarios... Then starting the Orbit Challenge scenario.