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Orbit Transfer Sandbox

Ages 10-18+
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Several satellites in orbit to demonstrate concepts of orbit transfer, rendezvous, and docking.
Physics - orbit transfer, rendezvous, docking
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Mission Details and Requirements
Created by: Jim Clark
Mission version: 1.0
Supported KerbalEdu Versions: 1.3.1e859
Mission Type: Sandbox, Demonstration, Experiment
Tags: space flight, orbit transfer, docking, rendezvous


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The Orbit Transfer Sandbox is an environment with several satellites ready to be transferred to "KEO" (Kerbistationary Equatorial Orbit), some already in equatorial orbit and some in inclined orbits.  There is also "Jebini VIII" and a couple of docking targets.  All vessels have plenty of fuel and delta-V to allow students to make mistakes and learn from them, so little prior knowledge is required on students' part.  However, in the debriefing, the students can learn to express formally what they have experienced and intuited by studying the following topics:

  • Delta-V
  • Hohmann transfers
  • Orbit inclination and change-of-plane maneuvers
  • Kepler's third law