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Xvar - Planes on Other Planets

All Ages
Published by AloE  •  Posted 346 days ago
An EDU Flight Recorder Variation to Rami's TG Desk - Planes on Other Planets
Other science > Earth Science - Use graphical data to improve flight.
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Mission Details and Requirements
Created by: Rami & AloE
Mission version: 1.0
Supported KerbalEdu Versions: 1.3.1e859
Mission Type: Sandbox, Story, Experiment
Tags: atmospheric flight, experimentation, graph analysis, lift, drag, gravity


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Xvar - Planes on Other Planets.sfs


We have had a ton of ignition, stalling, splashdown (er...crashdown) & gliding fun with this mission variation of Rami's "Planes on other Planets"

We enhanced our observation & exploration skills both in flight as well as learning how to study realtime & exported EDU Flight Recorder data.  We identified key areas upon which to focus attention/observations during flight to improve flight distance..

This custom version makes it easier to use the EDU Flight Recorder graphical data plots to improve flights and to compare & discuss differences in plane (& EVA) performance resulting from the different conditions of the various planets. 

The animated gif of one Kerbin flight, posted above in this mission's 'media' section, shows the progression of the flight recorder data:

  • a smooth flight in this case with good pitch control
  • good balance of altitude v. air speed..
  • easy to see the SRB thrust period
  • easy to see the mass change at plane detach from sledge.
  • Also, the initial slow ramp up in surface speed reveals that the student traveled part way down the runway via the electric power of the sledge wheels before SRB ignition in order to more easily make a water landing.
  • Steering adjustments show as changes in one or more of the altitude, surface speed, or surface acceleration plot lines.
  • On Kerbin, this plane stalls below around 20m/s...

Student discovery of stall speeds, recovery from stalls, testing jetpack lift during EVAs, sliding along the ground, etc provide significant observation learning opportunities especially when the results are compared from planet to planet.  Collaborative/friendly competitive opportunity for real time flight data comparison between students on adjacent machines both in cases of flying on the same planet or on different planets (easier & more engaging than printing flight reports for comparison ;-) 

More specifically regarding this variation of the mission, we added:

  • preset* EDU Flight recorder,
  • relevant 'idea sparks' story line,
  • explosive feedback draws attention to significance of velocity at impact: (turned off joint & part 'safety cheats')
  • smoother menu flow,
  • easier to follow event/button labeling system 'under the hood' in case you would like to learn mission editing from or modify this mission 

(*note: currently only some of the flight recorder parameters are available to preset in the mission editor.)

The 1080p HD overview video posted in the media section above is made from short clips from actual student flights.  Watched at full screen, the video shows the specific parameters we found useful to select in the EDU Flight Recorder.  We chose clips that highlight some relevant observation discoveries.

fyi...always selecting the same parameters keeps the color code the same in the EDU Flight Recorder data plots which helps when comparing data.

This mission variation can run with or without many optional mods (but NOT mod FAR ;-).  The optional mods we often use with this mission are shown in some of the images & videos & a list is included in the links section.

We have built a second variation of this mission that works well with the FAR mod & will publish that soon...

In case you wish to modify this version or build a new mission, we have includied a link to a summary document of helpful info from TG about the EDU Mission Editor.