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Ages 14-18+
Published by Rami5MM • 9 months ago •  0
This tutorial is intended as an introduction tutorial to Kerbal EDU Mission Editing, with the goal of learning to create a mission for the classroom use and how to publish your own 'Asteroid Redirect'-mission on the Mission Library.

Other science > Space and Astronomy - mission editing
Ages 12-16
Published by Rami5MM • 10 months ago •  0
Jebehdah has forgotten his snacks on Kerbin and now he needs to perform a rendevouz in a orbit or spend rest of the space flight without snacks.

Physics - orbital mechanics
Ages 12-16
Published by Rami5MM • 11 months ago •  0
Retrorockets have broken down and Jebediah is stuck to orbit. It's up to students to figure out ways to bring him back.

Physics - The Law of Inertia